Lesson: ISSUE

Use the word ‘issue’ in conversation.

(issue, issues, issued,  issuing).

Two friends are spending £50 on chocolate for the coffee bar at the office.

The words of one friend are in italics. They look like this.
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The point at issue is this: do we buy the dark sort of chocolate, plain chocolate?
Dark chocolate is supposed to be healthier, better for our health. It contains less fat.

Yes, if we buy dark chocolate we raise the issue of health.
But the boss might take issue with us.  He might disagree.  He doesn’t like the dark sort.  He prefers milk chocolate.

Chocolate bar.

But the last issue of the firm’s magazine advised people to buy the dark kind.  It contains less fat.
And the boss reads every issue of our firm’s magazine.  He reads it every time that it is printed, every time it comes out

It’s a good magazine.
It does include the issues of health.  It includes subjects about health.

The latest issue included this subject of chocolate.
The boss might make an issue of how we spend this £50.  He might take it seriously.

He might want us to spend it his way.  He might choose milk chocolate.
Shall we ask him?

He’s busy with the accountants.
Oh, yes. They are deciding whether to issue shares in our company.  If they offer more shares then more people will share in our company.  It will print share certificates for them.

We could choose some chocolate anyway!  We need not wait to ask the boss.
Who else could we ask? We are using money from the office account.

Not the company secretary.
He’s not even here.

He is on paternity leave. He’s now a father.
So his wife has had the baby?

family with baby.
At last!  He was afraid he would die without issue.
Without what?

Without any children issuing, coming from, his family.
So who else can we ask about the chocolate?

I know!
So do I.  We can ask the boss’s wife to issue a statement.

We can pin up an official notice, one that issued, came from, the boss’s wife.
We can ask her to state that we can spend £50 on two kinds of chocolate for the coffee bar.

Notice board.
Sure.  Milk chocolate and plain dark chocolate.




Did you find this useful?
Can you add more ways of using ‘issue’?

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The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has a book and a CD.  There are other good dictionaries.

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