• Welcome to 5 Minute Practice in English Welcome to 5 Minute Practice in English

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    Hi, Perhaps you have been learning English for a while.
    Perhaps you have a few spare minutes now to practise, perhaps with a friend or in class.

    You may, perhaps, send a donation to UNICEF or another charity.

Try ‘5 minute practice in English’.
You will see headings, usually with single words.
(In UK English the word is spelt ‘practice’ as a noun or an adjective, but ‘practise’ as a verb.)

Each lesson is a simple conversation between two friends.
They are chatting in UK English in everyday style.
The words are in your dictionary.

Some friends have voluntarily recorded the conversations.
Please excuse any tiny mistakes and different accents.
My name is Margaret.

Someone is talking to a friend about moving into a flat.
Explore our rich, living and flexible language.
Try ‘FLAT’ ‘GROW’, ‘GUESS’ and ‘GUEST’.

Two friends are planning a holiday.
One conversation explores two words.
Try ‘ KNOW’, ‘KING KEEN’, ‘KEEP’, ‘KEY’, ‘KICK’, and ‘KNOCK’.

Two friends talk about earning money

There are more conversations about an office.
Some conversations are about leaving the office after work.
Try ‘HIDE’ and ‘HOOK’.

Pat, either a man or a woman, features in conversations.
‘FACE’, ‘LEAN/LAUGH’, ‘LEAVE’, ‘KNOW’. (‘Know’ introduces other conversations.)

Two people discuss a loss.
‘LOOK1’ ‘LOOK2’.

Two people are involved with children
One conversation explores three words.

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has a book, and a CD, compact disc. There are other good dictionaries.

Here are the words that come in the conversations.

Face fancy feed fill find flat fling fold form fresh front fruit
Gear grand grasp green grip grow guess guest gum
Habit handle hear heel hide hook
Ideal (with hundred if) inch index issue
Jack jog jolly
Keep key kick king(with keen) knock know
Last1 last2 lean(with laugh) leave1 leave2 load long look1 look2(with my) lose

I have written about 50 conversations.
I plan to enjoy writing more conversations for you.


  • Extra Help Extra Help

    The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has a book, and a CD, compact disc.  There are other good dictionaries.